Why Swap?

Why Swap?

1. Refresh your wardrobe, revitalize your attitude
We all know it: new clothes make us feel good. In these tough times, who can afford it?  With swapping, you can. Others want the clothes you can part with!  Pick something fresh, brighten your wardrobe–and your spirit.

2. Out with the old, in with the new
If you’re like us, you have a lot of clothes you just don’t wear anymore. They take up closet space! Clean out those closets and come home with some things you really want now!

3. Feel better about yourself
We’ll help you choose the colors, styles, sizes and shapes that best suit you. Update your wardrobe and create a whole new look for yourself,  get through the recession in style and boost that self-esteem!

4. Swapping is Green Shopping!
You know the 3 R’s; reduce, reuse and recycle. With a swap, you can do all three!  Here, you get something in return.

5. Charity
We’ll donate leftover clothes at the end of the swap  to a local women’s shelter. Your admission donation of only $5 raises funds to keep Stage 1, the Tri Cities’ longest running community theatre going. Everybody wins!


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