How it Works

Ready to swap your stuff?

arms-outHere’s what you need to do:

Pick the best of what you are willing to swap.  The better quality everyone brings, the better stuff everyone brings home.

We will be open three days (Wednesday, April 29, Thursday, April 30 and Friday,  May 1  4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)  prior to the event to drop off your items.  You can bring items on the swap days, too, but if you come early, you’ll avoid the lines and get first choice!



Dresses, suits, jeans, dress pants, skirts, blouses, spring jackets, blazers, light sweaters or cardigans, shorts, skorts, capris, shoes in good condition. Bring clothing that is clean and in good condition. No rips, tears or stains.

Do not bring:

Winter wear, swim wear, formal or bridal wear, gym wear, teeshirts (unless designer, naturally!) coats, hats, boots, winter scarves, jewelry, lingerie, sleepwear or underwear. ( If it’s something you wouldn’t try on after it’s been worn by someone else, please don’t bring yours.)

Children’s Clothing

There will be a special section for children’s clothing.  Bring clothing in very good condition, but be aware: children’s clothing is only swappable for other children’s clothes.  In other words– your baby’s onesie is not exchangeable for a designer dress for you!  That’s only fair, right?)

Baby clothes are fine but do not bring cloth diapers, bibs, underwear, hats or socks.

Swap Rules:

  • Stage 1 reserves the right to refuse any item that is  unswappable or does not meet quality standards.
  • Clothing must be in good condition, clean and unwrinkled. They do not need to be on hangers.
  • When you check in, pay an admission donation of $5 and sign an agreement to relinquish the items you bring to Stage 1. (You may keep items we don’t accept or choose to let us donate them for you.)
  • You will be given one ticket per item accepted, and will be given an ID number.
  • Shop to your heart’s content, and check out one item for every ticket you hold. Bring 5 items, take home 5 items. Or 10. or 20.
  • Hold on to your tickets.  They work just like cash and you will need them to check out.
  • Bring more items than you find to take home?  Shop for a friend or family member!
  • Two of you want the same item?  Let us solve it with a coin toss.  Be good sports.
  • Stage 1 cannot be responsible for items after you have checked them out. Select your items carefully. We will make every effort to ensure all the clothes are the best quality possible, but once you’ve selecte them, they’re yours.  (Unless you want to swap them again!)

We’ll also have drawings for luxury items during the two day event. Check back here as we add to the list!

We’ll have a try-on room with mirrors available. It will be curtained off but not private. Get nostalgic about middle school PE.


2 responses to “How it Works

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  2. Lisa Messinger

    Thanks again for hosting such a great event; what a great idea. I can’t wait for your Fall Swap & Shop!

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