May 6, 2009

I’m exhausted. But wow, didn’t we have a good time?  My husband didn’t even kill me for bringing home almost as many items as I brought in.  I was happy to put my mom into some more youthful clothes, including a shiny black jacket! Go, mom! Speaking of youthful, my son was thrilled to pieces with his fully-decked out San Francisco 49ers jacket and official American Idol Auditions teeshirt.

Special thanks to the volunteers who made the swap possible: Debbie Otterstetter, is there nothing you can’t do? (Somebody please give this woman a job, she could singlehandedly turn your whole company around!)  Judy Mellberg, who coordinated the volunteers, Judy Byrne, (who made me get the little black dress) Lauren Byrne, John and Andrea Lathbury (John was very cute in the black shiny short shorts) Jeremiah Clauss and Belinda Maloney, Scott Hall, Jay and Denise Crawford,  Lisa Otterstetter, and Kimberley and Kendall Andrews. I hope I didn’t leave anybody out! If I did, let me know, and I’ll add you to the list!

Thanks to all the sponsors and raffle prize donors–some people won some cool stuff!

Come back soon for information about Stage 1’s FALL Clothes Swap–hopefully, bigger and better than ever!

April 25, 2009

The Clothing Swap is just a week away now. I hope you’re cleaning out your closets.  I just realized that between my clothes and my son’s, I’m bringing more than 60 items.  I don’t expect any of you to bring that many, but you may surprise me. In fact, I hope you do.    To those of you who are calling me with the same question:  I don’t have any idea if we will have your size there.  If we get enough people to come, there should be a good variety of sizes there.  I hope we’ll have your size.  If you bring some items, we’ll definitely have your size.  🙂

Please remember that we’ll be open starting on WEDNESDAY at 4:00 p.m. for clothing drop-offs.  You can come Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4-8 p.m. to drop off clothes and get your swap tickets early.  In fact, I really encourage everyone to do that because that will give us a large variety of sizes and items when we open for serious swapping on Saturday morning.

How did you find out about the swap? Did you see a poster?  Facebook? Drive by? Referred by a friend? I’d love to find out. Will you please drop me a line on the comments section of this page?

April 10, 2009

I’ve got to hand it to this community.  Tri-Cities, you rock.  So many people have stepped up to help make this event happen. I have to mention some of them right here and now.  The Avilla Family, who owns the property that was the late, great “Pirate Store”, was more than happy to lend us that space for the Clothes Swap for the whole week. That means we’ll be able to accept clothes in advance, and you’ll be able to drop off your clothes on Wednesday, April 29, 30 and May 1 from 4-8 p.m. and pick up your swap tickets. If you do that, you’ll avoid the lines and get first crack at the best stuff we have when we open!  Spunky Myrtle really supports this event, and knows a real bargain when she sees one! I’m guessing Myrtle is cleaning her own closets out now.

Mo Quintana, a top-rate graphic artist for one of the best companies ever to invent the iPhone, donated her time and talent to create our awesome posters, flyers, postcards and banners.  She honored my insane penchant for all things magenta! There are still some bridesmaids who won’t talk to me because I made them wear that color! But Mo, who has been known to tip her hair into that same pot, understood my pink passion.  Simpatico, Mo!

Bob Patrician at Quality Sign and Banner is a candidate for sainthood in my book.  I’d need a separate entry filled with praise just for Bob, but right now all I can say is: he’s your man for signs and banners. Call him at 510-713-2200.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Stage 1 event team. Debbie Otterstetter, who could organize a tornado and make friends with it, is Stage 1’s president and is making all these great contacts while I play with magenta-tinted spreadsheets.  Judy Mellberg is a sea of calm amidst the storm of  creative geniuses; not just a can-do woman, but a will-do woman.  She’s not afraid to slap any of us around, either, when we need it.  Lyn, our webmaster, has been really patient with me, and it’s not like she doesn’t have anything better to do than figure out my smtp settings. More names to follow.

It’s a real event, folks. Yes, it’s about the clothes, the free clothes, but behind the scenes, it’s all about the people who care about making it happen for us all.   I am humbled.

April 6, 2009

I have more stuff than I thought. I knew there was a reason my husband has been screaming about not having any closet space. I forgot about so much of this since last year.  I’m making neat little piles of dresses, blouses, pants, and jackets that I hope will find good homes.  I lost a lot of weight since last spring, so I have a lot of really nice things that no longer fit me. Besides, I’m out of work, so I don’t need the fancy work clothes right now–I need stay-at-home-and-look-for-a-job clothes.  The clothing swap will be a godsend.
What are you planning to bring to the clothing swap?  Send a comment and give us all a preview of what we have to look forward to! Have you started looking through your closet yet?  Your significant other may think her or she is getting a break–you don’t have to tell them you’re going to fill it right back up again.

April 4, 2009

Counting the days with Pam

Just a month now until the Spring Clothes Swap and I’m already looking through my closets with a sharp eye.  I’ve got a bunch of size 10 clothes that are too big for me now.  Some still have tags!  The Gloria Vanderbilt jeans are definitely going.  Oh, I hate to give up my gold jacket, but it’s just too big now. Let’s see, who was it who said she’d rip that jacket off my cold dead body? I’ll call her up.  She can have it and I get to live.

Of course if I keep eating like I ate tonight I’m going to have to part with my size 4s, too.


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